Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Hours With A Stranger

I'm just zooming along with this needlepoint stuff! I actually finished this ornament in a reasonable amount of time. I guess getting stuck on a tarmac in Atlanta for two hours, with nothing else to do helped.

A-ha! Another reason to have a real book with you when traveling!! The captain pulled the airplane out from the building and got a warning light that the brakes were malfunctioning. Since we were no longer at the gate, no one was allowed to use their mechanical devices (anything with an ON/OFF switch). Not only did I have a book to read... while others could not use their eBook... but I had this needlepoint in my bag to finish.

Since the guy sitting next to me had nothing to do, I decided to stitch while he talked. Interesting fella!!! He flew into Atlanta from NJ for only one day. He hadn't seen his girlfriend in a few weeks... she was flying into Atlanta from Costa Rica... so he flew in to surprise her and take her out to dinner!!! Wow!!! Speak about a display of affection!!! Be still my beating heart!!!

Anyway... any time I look at this piece I will remember this guy and how sweet he was to make such a grand gesture... AND to tell me about it. He's such a 'peach'. Now... tell me... where can I find a guy like that?