Friday, July 15, 2011

Crazy House = Crazy Life!!!

"Bark, Bark"!
"Ruff, Ruff"!

Those are the sounds in my house beginning at 6:30am. Three dogs... yes, THREE... and none of them are mine. Yet, that's MY sigh at the end.

Stephanie and Curt (Middle child and husband) have left for their fabulous trip to Thailand, leaving me to care for Emma (their beloved little princess doggie), Kai (Curt's colorful beta fish), 2 plants (barely alive as it is) and a few odds and ends to tidy up for Kreative Events.

Throw in Lauren's (Oldest child) 2 dogs, Chase (PERFECT name for him as he runs away every chance he gets) and Darla (who's afraid of her own shadow)... and things get a little crazy around here. Lauren's boyfriend, Kevin is home from the military for a spell... so she is spending 'face time' with him for a few days... again leaving me in charge.

Stir in my Mom, living in the next town needing my attention... and add a dash of starting a part time job at Michael's... and you have the perfect recipe for a crazy house.

It's funny how things come back to haunt you. I did a great job and raised 3 wonderful kids... now I have 3 crazy dogs to take care of. Somehow I don't really see a difference :-)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Charm Update

I have been busy making a Charm A Day... but have not had the time it takes to photograph and upload in about a week. Sorry about that... but I hope to catch up this week.

I have started my new part time job at Michael's. A slow and rocky beginning is finally turning into a fun job. The first 4 days found me up front training on the register. Ho-hum! B-O-R-I-N-G. My trainer commented the 2nd day that she was very impressed with how quickly I picked up the register. She was being so sweet and kind... I didn't have the heart to tell her I ran my own stores and have been running a register since before she was born. I simply smiled, said Thank You... and added that I'm not new to retail :-) She has NO CLUE on my back ground... or she would have expected more from me.

After the 4th day I was trying to remember why I thought working in a corporate world was something I wanted to do. I don't believe in some of their practices and rules... or the fact that cashiers should be answering phones when a 'live' customer is in front of them deserving your full attention. So... I voiced my concerns... and to my total disbelief and pleasure... concessions were made... and now I am happy. Especially happier now that I'm learning more of the 'biz' from the sales floor point of view. I reminded myself that I need to keep an open mind while training. If... after weeks of training... I still don't like the job, THEN I can leave. At least I will know I gave it a fair shot.

As far as charms go... I have been playing with polymer clay. Learning how to condition the clay, and make 'canes'. I can't wait to show you what I've made. This week I hope to play around with resin a bit... and see where that leads. So far I have used resin to make my Tillie Charms... but now I'm expanding in to molds.

Fourth of July I wore a necklace I made that morning with my idea of fireworks... AND in the middle of all of this I sewed new outdoor cushions for a friend so used that fabric to make a charm. All of this will be posted soon... I promise!

Keep charming!