Monday, May 23, 2011

Charmed... I'm sure

I had a wonderful week long vacation in Williamsburg. There was so much to do and see... and since it was impossible to 'do it all' the EXECUTIVE decision was made to relax, see what was interesting, and come back at a later date and see more. Ahhh... I think this was the first time I returned from a vacation where I didn't feel as if I NEEDED a vacation. Thank you Les and Judy for the use of your timeshare.

This past weekend was the neighborhood wide GARAGE SALE. I participated by allowing everyone to pick as many books as they could carry... for FREE... from the dregs of closing the bookstore. I was THRILLED to see so many books go to good homes (and out of mine), although I feel as though I haven't made a dent in the mountain of boxes still here. I think I need to make this a monthly event.

Ocean Grove, NJ is holding it's annual Antiques and Flea Market Event on Saturday, June 4th. As a 'wait lister' I was given a call the other day to say that a space has become available for me!! I am sewing and crafting like a mad woman to get enough things together to sell. My 'Tillie" painting has become the basis of all that I'm making. Pillows, purses, totes, and Charms are just a few of the items. If you are in the area... come say, "Hi". I'm in space 608.

Tillie Charms!!

This coming week is really, really, really busy!!! A quick peak... Scott is coming home for the Premiere of Blue Collar Boys... a movie he worked on before moving to California; Volunteering for Brides for Breast Cancer; Working a wedding with Stephanie, and assembling invitations for her business, Kreative Events... and trying to make enough things to have an awesome booth on June 4th. OH... I think there's a holiday in there somewhere too... Have a Happy one!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!!

YIKES! April just FLEW by... without one blog from me. So... what HAVE I been doing instead of blogging??? Let's see...

The basement door needed a face lift:

Before... Boring!
Blackboard Paint!
Now becomes a menu/memo board.

Beautiful old chairs needed to be re-covered:


Hosted Easter Dinner:
Delicious Coconut Cake for Dessert

Sister-in-law Judy visited for the week:

Notice the door???

Attended the Royal Wedding... in my TIARA and PJs:

Tiaras, Tea, and Blueberry Scones
for the Royal Wedding

Adopt An Ancestor

Winged Jewels

Made CHARMS for my Art Charm Swap Group:

Mailed out books sold online:

Wrapped and ready to mail
Attended court for Pre-Trial: 

Fabulous painting above judge's bench
Trial set for week of October 3rd

Cooking up a storm as usual:

Meatballs ready for the oven

Sewed my first Bitty Blocks for a quilting swap:

It's only  3 1/2" square!

Got Chase 'fixed':
Too funny!!!!

Finished my LEAVES watercolor:

Falling Leaves

Painted Tillie... The Asbury Park icon and am sewing pillows and purses with my art on them... because I signed up for table space in an outdoor show in Ocean Grove, NJ on June 4th to sell them!
And THAT's what I've been up to! How in the world did I EVER find time to go to work???