Friday, November 19, 2010

Spark of inspiration!

Can anyone guess what this is a photo of??? Yes... it has to do with a sewing project. No... it's not something Darla fought with.

Yesterday I decided that Lauren and I needed new Christmas Stockings this year. New house equals new traditions... right??? So... I threw all sensibility to the wind and made up my mind that I wanted a PINK Christmas Stocking. I dug through a bag of thrift store purchases and came up with a size 4 petite 100% wool blazer... the exact shade of pink I was envisioning. Out came the seam ripper and scissors... and an hour later this is all that is left of that blazer. Felting wool is all the rage right now... so hot water, soap, and a clothes dryer are next on the list for this precious pink wool. I should have enough felted wool for the base of the stocking by tonight... using the original jacket lining for the stocking lining.

I kept the jacket's welt pockets just in case I decide to use them in the design some how. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Santa tucked a few hundred dollar bills in the pockets???  There's nothing more exciting than sticking your hand in a jacket pocket and pulling out cash!!!

I'll post a photo on Monday with my progress.

I wonder what kind of stocking Lauren will want??? Tinkerbell? Hmmmm....

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  1. Oh can't wait to see it! I washed...or rather felted some men's jackets I had dismanted. Waiting for that spark to tell me what to make!