Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time Out...

After working hard for a few days I thought it was time to take a break. So I dug through some un-packed boxes and un Earthed my watercolor paints and brushes. Just the other day I remembered a sketch I had made of all the beautiful leaves that fell this Autumn... and decided that today was the perfect day to get started on it.
Tri-Color Maple Leaf

Oak and Red Maple

   In my head I envisioned a very loose and stylistic leaf... which I planned to outline a little 'off' with a very fine line Sharpie marker.  As you can see in the photos above my hand had a different vision... a much more realistic view. That's OK... you have got to go with the flow. You see... when creating anything you mistakenly think YOU are in control... as the piece develops you realize your hands are taking direction from some other creative, mystical power.  I can't wait to see the finished picture. I'll be just as surprised at the end result as you.

Have YOU ever created something that turned out totally different than what you planned? Was it better than you thought it would be... or worse? Leave a comment below and let me know.


  1. Your work is beautiful! I love these.

  2. Thanks Courtney! I'm still a beginner... but practice makes perfect. I figure I have about 10 more years before I can control my hands to paint :-)