Monday, March 28, 2011

Hit the SPOT!

Sorry for the HUGE gap in posting. I finally am back on track!

Twenty years ago I was vacationing in Maine. My Sister-In-Law and I were relaxing on the deck over looking the lake, the kids safely tucked in the cabin below. We poured a glass of cold White Wine Cooler, and sliced up a few cubes of blue cheese and celery sticks. With the cool evening air blowing on our sun burned skin... it has etched in my memory as the perfect moment. The wine and cheese HIT THE SPOT.

Three years ago I drove 14 hours straight to visit friends in Knoxville, TN (Hi Andrea). The drive was uneventful, even a little fun. Singing current radio hits and show tunes at the top of my lungs and listening to books on tape kept me focused on my driving. Upon arrival I was greeted first by their boys yelling, "Miss Deb is here! Miss Deb is here!" as they burst out the front door. My heart melted at the sound of their voices. Standing in the door way was their Dad, Nick holding a FROSTED mug of beer out to me. Ahhhhhh... another perfect moment filed away in my brain to be pulled out to comfort me when needed. Boy, that frosted mug HIT THE SPOT.

I was fortunate enough to have another HIT THE SPOT moment the other night. I met a friend for dinner at a place 'known' for their burgers. He ordered one... but I decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered steamer clams and a salad instead. They were delicious! Perfect! As I cracked open their shells, washed the sand off and dunked them in a pool of melted butter goodness I felt so spoiled... like a princess. Apparently my friend was just as happy with his meal. We both sighed, smiled contentedly, and remarked at how perfect the meal was.

Good Friends... Family... and good food all make for the most fabulous moments you will never forget.

Go out there and make your own HIT THE SPOT moment!

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