Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge

It's time to do something I have NEVER done before... enter a QUILT CHALLENGE!

The New York City Metro Modern Quilt Guild (say THAT three times fast) AKA... NYC MOD
is hosting a Quilt Challenge using the traditional block Double Wedding Ring. The challenge is affectionately called... DWR Challenge and you can find the 'rules' HERE.

Housesitting in the south for the past month has left me at a bit of a disadvantage. All of my tools, fabric stash and supplies are back home... but I didn't let that deter me from starting the challenge. As a matter of fact... it forced me to search out quilt shops in an area I wasn't familiar with. Oh SHUCKS!!!

It took three shops to find my mecca. The first two shops were great... but focused more on traditional quilting like Civil War fabrics and such. Totally not me. The third shop was the charm!

From the moment I checked out their website I knew I had found my 'happy place'. The actual store is just as thrilling!  Intown Quilters located in Decatur, GA carry an entire section of my beloved designer Kaffe Fassett... and if that alone wasn't enough to get my creative juices flowing... then the adjoining wall displaying almost every Kona Cotton color certainly had me doing cartwheels!!

In my dreams... if I ever owned a quilt shop...this is EXACTLY the one I would have. Bright, cherry, full of fun fabrics... and a wonderful staff!

So... I'm drooling all over the Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the light bulb pops on... I'll make the Double Wedding Ring Challenge out of Kaffe's fabric!!! Yes!!!! Mixing traditional blocks with new ideas is what Modern Quilting is all about!!!

I rushed back to the house and just couldn't go to sleep (or eat) until I cut out my blocks. It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to position the design in the same manner as what was in my head. Finally by midnight I was happy with the design. Now... to sew it all together.

Here is the beginning of the layout.

A bit bright huh! Well... that's Kaffe for you. 

Keep an eye on this site for updates. There are three different categories for the challenge and I intend to submit in each of them. I'll post pictures as I move along.

You can read the original post on my other blog... Deb Hathaway.


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