Friday, February 21, 2014

Necklace on a budget

I was in desperate need of a 'statement' piece to wear to a fancy party (for more info on that... go to With a very limited budget and only 24 hours... I was able to throw together a 'knock 'em dead' necklace for a total cost of $14!!!

Here's how...

First stop... Charming Charlie's. If you haven't been to one of their stores yet... I urge you to track one down in your area and go check it out. They have inexpensive costume jewelry and more... all color co-ordinated!!!

I found a bracelet for $10 that I thought would make a great necklace. So I bought it... then headed to Michael's Arts and Crafts and purchased extra chain for $3.99. Grabbing a pair of needle nose pliers... I combined the two.

Using the pliers I simply disconnected the excess chain on either end of the bracelet... setting aside the clasp. 

Next, using a tape measure, decide how long you need your necklace to be. Subtract the length of the beading. Cut new chain to the resulting measurement... then cut that into two equal lengths.

Attach a piece of new chain to each side of beads. Reuse the clasp... and attach to one end. Use one of the larger links from the original chain and attach to other end. Ta-Dah!!! A brand new fabulous necklace for the price of a bracelet!!!

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