Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Stephanie showed me a picture of a yellow ribbon wreath she fell in love with. I bought a bunch of ribbon and a wire wreath form then 'went at it'. After a few false starts I figured it out and came up with this fluffy Christmas wreath. I can't wait to make it in tons of fun colors for all different occasions. Can't you just see it in pastels for a baby shower? White and Silver for a wedding or anniversary? School colors for a graduation? The combinations are ENDLESS!! Keep an eye on my ETSY store for them. In a few weeks I'll post a tutorial to make them your self.

Christmas has come and gone. It was fun, busy, crazy and fantastic.  Actually... The Hathaway/Hunter Christmas was held on Christmas Eve to free up the 25th for visiting other relatives and friends. In a way that makes it harder on me... having a retail store means I'm busy with the last minute frantic shoppers. However, on the other hand it make the 25th easier and stress free.

I forgot to take a picture of the dinner... Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster. Again I used an Ina Garten recipe and was not disappointed. Creamy goodness with chunks of lobster... YUM!
Oh... that reminds me.... I MUST tell you about my shopping troubles the day before!!!

I stopped in Trader Joe's to pick up some delicious pfeffernuse (German spice cookies) that are just to die for! I purchased a few other items including 2 bottles of wine. Next stop was Costco to buy the lobster... and a few other items (how can anyone go to Costco and NOT pick up a few more things?). Last stop for the night was Wegman's to finish the food shopping. My tired, aching feet were happy to be home... at 10:30pm.

As I emptied the car... in the freezing cold wind... I was wondering where all of this stuff was going to fit in my teeny, tiny kitchen with a minuscule refrigerator.  The cookies went on top of the fridge... the macaroni could stay on the counter, cheese in the cheese drawer, wine should be chilled... hmmmm... I could have sworn I purchased two bottles of wine, not one. Oh well... and the lobster should go in the fridge too... the lobster.... where in the heck is the lobster??? Ugh! I must have left it in the car. I trudge back out and take a look. Hmmm... it's too dark, I can't really see in the back seat. I go back and get a flashlight. Hmmm... no lobster, no where. I can't even smell it. Uh-Oh! Where is the lobster???? Ack!!!! I just spent $30 on lobster and I can't find it!!! Where could it possibly have gone????

It was too late in the evening to call the store. I would have to wait 'til morning. I checked my receipt just to make sure I paid for it. Yes... I did. Then I decided to check the other receipt to see how many bottles of wine I purchased. Yup... just as I thought... two bottles. What's going on?

Just as I was falling in to that peaceful slumber mode my eyes flicked open. I know where the lobster is!!! Still in the cart at Costco!!! For some strange reason I remember seeing a bunch of wadded up plastic bags in my cart. I even commented to myself about it. It wasn't wadded up plastic bags at all... it was my $30 worth of lobster!!! AAAAHHHHHH!

Early next morning I drove back to Costco to check the carts. Darn... they bring all of the carts in overnight so no one steals them. I won't bore you with the few hours I spent on the phone with a couple of rude Costco employees... but I stopped by Costco on my way home from work to ask 'face-to-face' if my lobster showed up at all. The answer was No, but the customer service person looked up my account, saw that I really did purchase lobster the night before, and replaced the missing product. Costco really didn't have to do that, but I am very happy they did otherwise I was going to serve plain ol' mac and cheese on Christmas Eve. Somewhere here in town some family is dining on my lobster this holiday season. I hope they enjoyed it.

And the wine??? Trader Joe's had the bottle up at the customer service desk waiting for the owner (me) to claim it. The cashier forgot to put it in my bag... and I didn't notice.

All's well that ends well. A great time was had by all... and the dinner was DELICIOUS!!

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