Monday, December 27, 2010


I thought I parked my car in the driveway???

YIKES! Speak about being SNOWED IN... I really am. We got hit with a blizzard yesterday and it didn't stop until all of the doors and windows were covered half way.

It started innocently enough around 10:00am on the 26th. A few snow flakes fluttered to the ground. I went outside and took a detailed look at my driveway. A friend and neighbor has a snow blower and said I should note where things are and to pick up any rocks so he wouldn't break a window when he came to blow the snow away. 

Later that day I walked a few houses down the block to spend the day with a friend cooking... our Sunday tradition. Black Bean Salsa Soup and Hungarian Goulash were the items to make this week. We cooked all day... and watched football... as the snow kept falling and the wind kept blowing. Silly me was waiting for the weather to calm down a bit before heading home. By 10:00pm I realized it was 'now or never'... so I bundled up, slapped on some chap stick, pulled on my boots and gloves and headed in to the storm. The only part of me assaulted by the elements was my nose.

Going down the walkway wasn't too difficult as he had shoveled the walk twice that day. However, once I hit the snow drifts on the side by the street, I was in snow up to my knees. Half way home a huge gust of wind knocked me down. I couldn't get up! I was laughing so hard. Every time I put a hand on the ground to help push me up, it went right through the snow, straight down in to nothingness. Here I was, outside in a blizzard, in the dark, all by myself, rolling around in the snow laughing my head off. I finally got under control and used my downhill skiing skills and got to my feet. At this point I am totally covered head to toe in snow.

I continue to stomp my way home. What a workout!!! I'm lifting my legs so high to clear the snow... I feel like a marching soldier. Finally I get to my house and turn in to the driveway. I have to go in the back door because the front has a deadbolt with no key. So around I go. Uh oh!! The snow drift between the car and the house is deeper than my waist. Now what??? Well... I've come this far... I'm not stopping now. I grab on to the car door handle and pull myself through the drift. 

AAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!! The back door is WIDE OPEN and the kitchen is filled with SNOW!!! O!M!G! Where's the dog??? No one has been home since 2pm... it is now 10:30. The door has been open all day by the looks of it. 

"Darla, where are you?" "Where are you sweetie pie?"

I stomp through the snow in the kitchen and race up the stairs, "No, not in Lauren's room." 
"There you are!" Darla is all cozy and comfy wrapped in my comforter in the middle of my bed. Her sleepy eyes look up at me wondering what is wrong.

I go back downstairs and when I look at the kitchen again I begin to giggle. It is so out of context to see 6 inches of snow on the floor... then I begin to laugh again. My phone rings... it's Lauren wanting me to come help her. She is one block from home and can't get any further. She asks me to come help push her car to the side of the road so she can leave it there and walk the rest of the way home. Instead... a kindly neighbor is there and offers his help. I unlock the front door (so she doesn't have to wade through the waist high drift) and wait for her to come around the corner. 

Heeeee!  Heeee! Ha! Ha! Ha! Lauren is covered in snow and her bar makeup has gotten wet and is dripping down her face. Hysterical!!! She looks like she is melting!!!

I clean the snow out of the kitchen. Realizing I have a problem with the backdoor lock... I use my Kitchen Aid mixer as a door stop to keep the door shut. We both change out of our sopping wet clothes and hang them to dry. 

My bed is snugly warm thanks to Darla. It's been a wild adventure this evening... and I'm exhausted. ZZZZZZzzzzzz.....

This morning I woke up to find my bedroom window blocked with snow. I'm on the second floor for heaven's sake!!! The wind blew the snow up between the houses and I guess my screen caught the flakes. The three windows at the front of my room are clear. I jump out of bed and take a look. WOW!!!! You can no longer see the street. The snow glistens from my front door straight to the lake.

Icicles drip from the gutters, all the animals are quiet. Until the plows come through no one can shovel their driveways. Lauren and I call out of work... even though a State of Emergency has been called. Whoopie!!! A snow day!!! I love snow days!!!!

Well, it's almost 8:30pm... and the plows haven't been through yet. I wonder if we will be snowed in for another day???? It wouldn't bother me if we were. I enjoy the peaceful quiet... and an excuse provided by Mother Nature to not have to go out.

I wish you all a peaceful New Year filled with laughter and joy.
Mother Nature's Winter Jewelry


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  1. Oh my god! I would so laugh if my kitchen was covered in snow too. That must have been a sight! I am glad everyone made it safe. We have been getting some snow here too, but not as bad as you guys did!!

    Warm wishes!

    I am RyuLuna on swap bot!