Sunday, January 23, 2011

And She S-C-O-R-E-S!!!!

It all started with a red Turtle Neck sweater I purchased before the holidays. While grabbing a few odds and ends at Target... a display of turtle necks caught my attention. It was mostly the colors that intrigued me... but the red one stood out among all the others (maybe because that is Target's 'signature' color?).

Hmmm... I thought to myself. The Holidays are fast approaching, and I don't really own anything red. It looks well made enough to make it through the season without fading, pilling, or falling apart. My budget can handle a $10 purchase. OK... I'll buy it! And THAT should be the end of this story... but it's not.

A few weeks later, early January to be exact... I found myself back in Target (thank heavens it's only down the road). The turtle necks were on sale!!! Woo Hoo! I'll splurge and buy another one since they are marked down to $5 each. What a bargain!!! I can't believe my good fortune!!! The red one held up nicely, washed well, felt good... I could definitely use another one. Decisions, decisions, decisions... which color should I get this time??? HOT PINK! That should liven up my drab mostly black, white, and grey wardrobe palette. GO ME! I'm the greatest bargain hunter in the universe! Is THIS the end of the story??? NO!
New additions to 'work at home' wardrobe

It's now 2 weeks later... and I'm BACK at Target returning the item I purchased there the last time (no, NOT the turtle neck). I decided my paltry bank account could handle another $5 purchase so I saunter over to the clothing department. ICK! All the new Spring clothes are on display... oh well... you can't win them all. I'm thrilled with the 2 turtle necks I got already... be happy with that. As I wander around the store, killing time before I have to pick my mom up, I spotted the sweaters! They were thrown on the displays in the waaayyyy back. Goodie!!! I could use a black one... so I go to investigate. Yup... there is a black one in my size. I check the tag to make sure they are still $5. Nope... NOW they are $2.50! $2.50????? OMG!!! How can that be??? For $2.50 I'll take one in EVERY COLOR!!! I scrabble through the piles and come up with a bunch in my size. As I go to the register I am so pleased with myself!! New clothes!! Whoopie! I feel like I just won the lottery! SCORE!!!
Grey, Teal, Purple, White
My new favorite word.. Clearance!

Do you notice anything wrong with the picture to the left??? Let's see... so far I have red, pink, grey, teal, purple, and white.... something's missing. Hmmm... what could it be???

ACK! I know... I went back to the store the very next day...

And bought the BLACK one!!

NOW my story is finished!


  1. don't just love to "save" money. Now you can take the savings and buy something else!

  2. Woo! Hoo! I think I'll buy some fabric!