Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a morning!!

Homemade Blueberry Scones

Yummmmmm... My morning started early with baking delicious Blueberry Scones using the recipe from America's Test Kitchen. I wish there were a way to send you the sweet scent of my kitchen while they were baking. Mmmmm... sugar, butter, and pastry with a hint of lemon. Add a cup of French Press coffee and my day is off to a great start! A friend and neighbor stopped by to pick a couple scones up to take to work. I hope he LOVES them as much as I do. It's difficult to stop at just one... but my waist line says I have no choice.


My eye caught a glimpse of something shimmering on the floor. Uh-oh... the dog knocked over her water bowl. No.... wait a minute... Darla hasn't been downstairs yet this morning. Hmmm.... Upon closer inspection I see that I have a flood outside my back door and the water is seeping in the kitchen under the door seal. UGH! I guess I need to make a note of this to be fixed and re-graded in the Spring. Ahhhh... the joys of home ownership. I love this 90 year old house... it's never dull... there are so many surprises. (Yes, this is the same back door that flew open in the snow storm and had to be held closed with my mixer). Think I need a new door????

While looking out the back door I couldn't HELP but notice the new private dumpsters... uh... trash cans provided by my new home's township. When I moved here a few short months ago I was stunned to learn that trash pick up was twice a week. The township fathers decided to change that to once a week, and provided us with special trash cans. Well... I don't know how much trash YOU guys generate in a week, but by the looks of these cans I bet I could do with a once a month pick up! These cans are so HUGE that I have no idea where to put them in my yard. They are way too big for the tiny little space where the old can was neatly tucked in to on the driveway. They are also too big to put in the garage... they would take up one fourth the available space. I guess another job to put on my Spring list is to create a space for these monsters where they are not an eye sore, nor compete for the landscaping space. Ideas anyone???


  1. Sorry about the water!!! Good Luck. Our "bins" live on the side of the house.

  2. My dad's town did the same thing, he called city hall to complain and after a bit of finagling, they gave him a trash can approximately the size of the old standard cans, but with the same shape and ID# of the new ones, so the trash guys would know to pick it up.

    We stuck it out with our new can that's twice the size of the old one, because even though usually it's less than 1/3 full, occasionally we fill it (like after a party or when we did the garage purge.) And if we miss a week, it's not a big deal.