Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where's the cold weather???

Did I hibernate through winter??? The calendar says February 1st... but the thermometer says it's Spring. What the heck???

I made Hot Chocolate sticks to share with my neighbors... to keep everyone nice and toasty warm. See????....

You thread one of these home made chocolate fudge squares on to a wooden skewer... top with a home made marshmallow square from a previous post... and ta dah... a Hot Chocolate Stick. The idea is to warm a cup of milk, stir the chocolate and float the marshmallow. 
YUMMMMM.... Down home goodness!
BUT... the weather is NOT co-operating and it's too damn warm to be drinking hot chocolate. 
I guess I should make a lemonade mix instead???

BTW... the weather isn't stopping me from EATING the chocolate squares... he.. he!
Whoopie!!!! More for me!!!!

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