Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have made a career move and need to use my other site... www.debhathaway.com for my professional writing website. So I have moved back here to post all of my fun personal blogs about my current projects and family celebrations. Woo! Hoo!

When I began this blog site a few years back I really was LIVING ON AIR. I had no money, my husband had passed away, my home was foreclosed on and I had no clue where my next meal was coming from.

My... how things have changed. I moved to the Jersey Shore 2 years ago to an adorable bungalow on a lake. Things haven't gone smoothly... but life is never easy, right? I at least can live within my means, and I actually have a food budget!!!

If you are wondering what stories/articles/writing projects I am working on... click over to my other site... Deb Hathaway. If you are looking for something different to read... click over to Unique and Novel.

Now... without further rambling... here's a peek at my current WIP (Work In Progress).

Ohhhhh.... ahhhhh. Baby Quilts!!! No, I have no news to share. These are gifts. As some of you may be aware... I'm making quilts and donating them to Hurricane Sandy families. I've been a sewing demon... trying to get a bunch done before I leave for Sedona.

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