Monday, April 15, 2013

Sea Glass and Pancakes... Monday Morning

There's something magical about glass that has been sandblasted and smoothed by mother nature. Originally sea glass was the product of sunken ships traveling between exotic places and either pirated or hit a patch of bad luck or a storm. Today our glass is mostly discarded beer and soda bottles. No matter... it's just as beautiful.

This morning I checked the low tide table and cross matched it with the expected sunrise. Eureka! The PERFECT STORM! Well... for me any way. I have Monday's off from watching my elderly ladies, low tide was scheduled for 5:45AM, the wind has been strong for a few days, there was a recent storm in the area, and sunrise was at a respectable hour... 6:16AM. I grabbed my camera and a Ziplock bag... and headed out to the beach.

Just look at my BOUNTY!!! I am especially thrilled with the dark blue one!!

Beach-combing is great exercise. So much bending and standing helps to 'whittle the middle', not to mention tightening up the glutes. Walking in the sand works the legs and heart. The sound of the ocean relaxes the tight muscles... especially in the face, neck, and shoulders... and does wonders for your outlook on life. Mother Nature's natural beauty salon moisturizes the skin and whips your hair into the fashionable 'beach look' without spending a dime. What more could you ask for???

I was so focussed on spying sea glass that I stumbled... literally... on this gnarled root. Thank heaven I had my camera with me... I couldn't get enough of this thing. If I were strong enough I would have hauled it home and placed a glass top on it to serve as a coffee table. Alas... I couldn't get it to budge.

Another 'water feature' caught my attention as I followed the sound of continuous water flowing. In the distance I caught a glimpse of a dam creating a waterfall. Stunning!!! Obviously I am attracted to old, beat up things... I couldn't take my eyes off the weathered wood. Each comes to it's own jagged point, but one in particular had a knot hole that was so much harder than the rest of the plank and the water couldn't wear it down. If you look very close you can see it on the largest plank.

Looking back towards the ocean I spotted two seagulls snuggling... oh how cute!! Awwwww...!

So... that was my morning. I was home by 9:30... cooked pancakes for breakfast... and began my day.

How was YOUR Monday morning???

Make it a GREAT week!  


  1. I spent the morning looking up ways to buy sea glass. I mean i spent 5 hours on it. Wjat were the chamces i would go into fb and see your post. Florida does not really get any sea glass or wood from the surf. That would have maxe a great table. I just think droftwood and seaglass the same day amazing.

  2. I also picked up some driftwood today. I want to make a flotilla of driftwood boats for my fireplace mantel. Are you looking for specific sea glass? i wouldn't mind sending you some if I have what you are looking for.