Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So... What Have I Been Up to Lately?

Just before I went away to Arizona, I finished 2 baby quilts and got them in the mail. I didn't post about them as they were gifts for a baby shower on April 7th... for twin girls. Now that it is a few days past the 7th I can finally share them with you.

Both quilts were exactly the same on the front and bound with the same print fabric... although the backs were different... one was backed with the mottled aqua fabric and the other with the pink polka dot. 

Another fun thing I did before I left... was make envelopes out of a craft magazine and gifted them to a friend who I knew would really appreciate them. Making envelopes are super simple. I have templates I have used for years... or you can use an envelope you already have, just carefully pull it apart and trace around it.

Once you have cut them out, use double sided tape to close the sides, and 'peel and stick' tape for the flap. Not only do the postmen get a kick out of them, but the recipient too!

While in Sedona I took a day to hang out at the condo and 'play'. I brought my watercolors and had all the best intentions to paint the scene outside my balcony, but instead spent HOURS mixing my paints to match the natural colors of the Red Rocks. I just couldn't get it right... until I added the smallest dab of Cobalt Blue... Ta-Dah... PERFECT!

I put the paints away and pulled out my fabric. I brought along a project that had to be completed by the end of April... but instead of working on it, I made something else.

One evening while sitting at the bar, I struck up a conversation with a local couple. They told me so may places to go, and things to see off the beaten path and away from the tourists. To thank them, I made a little 5" square mini quilt... all sewn by hand.

I had so much fun I decided to make another one... this time 'beach themed'... since I am a Jersey Girl at heart.

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