Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 1... 364 to go

Lime Green Cord
As promised... here is my first item up for 'destashing'. It was really difficult to choose. Not because I'm attached to these things and don't want to let them go... oh no, not me... but because there is so much to choose from that I didn't know where to start.

When we had the whole house sale I was thinking more about the furniture, kitchen items and anything LARGE that I didn't want to move. It never dawned on me to weed out all the craft stuff. I just stuffed it all in a closet and said I would          
                                                         go through it at a later date. That day has arrived!

Turquoise Cord
Today's destash item is 2 bundles of cording. The first one is really more of a LIME GREEN. 25 yards is neatly wrapped on the original cardboard tube. The second part of the destash is a beautiful bundle of TURQUOISE cording. However, my son's dog, Chase got a hold of it before I could stop him and tore the cording off the roll. I promise to detangle it and wrap it up nice and neat. I kind of like the picture though... it looks like wild spaghetti. There should be 25 yards on this roll too, but I see 4 ends instead of 2 so Chase must have cut it in to 2 lengths for you. How considerate of him :-)

Both bundles of cording is selling for $4 total with FREE SHIPPING!!! Go to my Etsy store to purchase... or drop me a line.

Beaded Beauty!!! Wear as a bracelet, or necklace!
And now... for the moment you have all been waiting for... the first item I made with beads and such is... a wrap bracelet. I crocheted it using black nylon string called C-Lon which is fade proof and water resistant along with size 8 seed beads in black, brown, tan, pearl white, and rust. It measures about 30" long and easily wraps around your wrist 4 times. OR... if you prefer... wear it plain as a simple necklace. Either way looks GREAT. Bracelet will come wrapped on a display card, dated and signed by me. Selling for $20... also with FREE SHIPPING!!! Purchase through my Etsy store or drop me a line. If you would like directions to make one yourself... drop a note in the comment section and I'll write a tutorial. It's really very easy... especially if you already know how to crochet.

This 365 day process ought to be interesting. I learned how to crochet a rope using thread and beads today. Once I perfect the technique I will choose an item to put up for sale. Learn along with me. Ask questions... I'll be happy to share how I do it!

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  1. Love the spaghetti picture...seems like a kid's book theme evolving there.