Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Much To Tell...

This past week or so has been so crazy. It started with attending a quilt show in Oaks, PA. Seeing so many beautiful quilts all under one roof makes me realize that I have got to get back to sewing my fish quilt. So much inspiration!!! Modern quilts, traditional quilts, retro, antique... you name it, it was there. My favorite designer, Kaffe Fassett had a whole display. I just DROOL over his designs. *Sigh*... some day I'll be rich enough to afford his fabric and make a quilt. A girl can dream... can't she?

Our Used Bookstore, Glen Echo closed it's doors this month... so we had a HUGE liquidation sale this week of the books on the lower level of Chicklet Books to make room for their inventory. The same people that did my whole house sale handled this sale. If anyone need their services do not hesitate to contact Rob and Diana at We Make It Go Away. They travel to Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our sale was extremely successful. One customer thought they were clever and could out smart Rob and Diana. He came to the sale in the middle of the week... but found out that Sunday would be 'fill a bag for $5' day. So he grabbed a box, filled it with his selections, hid it somewhere and walked out... intending to return on Sunday and purchase it then... saving himself $25. Diana found the box and put it in the back room. I don't feel bad that we lost the opportunity to move another bunch of books out of the downstairs... the man had excellent taste and pulled all the classics like Romeo & Juliet. I can never have enough copies of those. Ha, ha... his plan back fired.

Saturday found me in Washington, DC at the National Book Festival taking notes on what to do and NOT do at The Princeton Book Festival that Chicklet Books is holding this spring in the courtyard of The Princeton Shopping Center. Keep a watch out for more information about this in the future.

Can't you just see me wearing this pink polka dot shirt? Don't worry... I didn't buy it. Thrift shops have become my newest fascination. Finding bargains is only half the fun... meeting some of the wildest people is the other half. I was amazed to see who shops in these places. Young professionals, young families, older well dressed women and more. I bought a pair of black slacks from Talbots that I KNOW had a price tag of $129 when they were in the store... for $6.99!!! They are in PERFECT condition. A Banana Republic shirt at $4.99 rounded out my ensemble for the day. It doesn't bother me that someone else wore it before me... just think of it as borrowing something from your friend's closet. 

Not everything is so fabulous... but you do have to wonder who bought some of these things in the first place. Take this dress for example... 

In a typical Bride-zilla tactical move, I imagine she told her bride's maids that this dress was perfect for the wedding... and that it was simple enough that they could wear it again at another function. I doubt anyone really fell for that line.

I met a young woman trying on the most horrible looking shoes... that were way to big for her. Purple pointed stilettos with a poof of purple fuzz at the toe... in a size 12W. As I watched her struggling to take a picture of her foot with her camera phone I stepped in and offered to take the picture for her. As it turns out she writes a blog and since these were Frederic of Hollywood shoes in a super huge size she felt compelled to take pictures and write about them. Not because the shoe looked so wild... but because of the size. Why is the size important I hear you ask? Because only drag queens and transvestites fit in them. 10 minutes later I saw what she meant... a group of 5 transvestites swarmed around the aisle trying on all of the vampy stilettos... and they fit perfectly.

Sunday was spent peacefully at the beach. No, not in a bathing suit soaking up the rays... rather with my camera slung around my neck waiting for the perfect wave to break so I could capture the moment. I waited all day... but I didn't get the photo I wished for. I got many others that are just as nice... but the PERFECT photo in my head still eludes me. 

My beautiful, wonderful weekend finished up like this...

Yup... that's my car being towed... AGAIN! This time it's the turbo charger that went. Do you think it's trying to tell me that it's tired and wants to go to pasture??? I'm dressing in a 'power outfit' today and talking to the Vovlo dealership manager to see what my options are. Wish me luck.

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  1. Heeeeyyyyy, I wear a size 12 shoe! But I agree, most selections are transvestite shoes! :(