Friday, September 3, 2010

56 years in 365 days

There is nothing more eye-opening at 6:30 in the morning than a hot 'cuppa joe'... unless it's a huge banner spanning the back door proclaiming your age in black and white. Just another reminder from my darling dear daughter that today I am another year old. I need to remind her that pay backs are a bitch!

My son needs the same lesson. He found an iPhone App that allows him to scan old photos and upload to his facebook. Let's just say that I didn't look my best 24 years ago... not even 'for the day'. Of course he was only 6 months old and adorable. I was an over tired wife and mother of  3 kids. Trust me when I say I plan to retaliate some day when he least expects it. Life can be cruel... or fun, it all depends on your view.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday I replied... "organizational things to clean up my craft craziness".  Both girls followed my wishes and bought me bins and shelves to fill with colorful beads, fabrics and paper. My upcoming Labor Day weekend will have me 'laboring' over how to clean and organize my 'studio' space. However... while looking around the room I quickly realized that I have an over abundance of 'treasures'. 56 years worth of collecting (Okay, okay... hoarding) simply doesn't fit in a few bins and shelves... so the decision has been made to DESTASH!  For those of you not 'in the know'... destash means to downsize the amount of craft supplies hiding in every drawer, under furniture, crammed in closets, and flattened out between the mattress and box springs by selling it to some other unsuspecting  fool.... uh, I mean to say... talented crafter.

My plan requires daily attention. Each day I will do 2 things. First, I will upload one item (or group of similar items) for sale on Etsy and/or Craigslist in hopes that someone will decide they can't live without the item and buy it to add to their stash. Secondly... since I have a lot of beads, fabric and jewelry supplies I plan to design and create a piece of body adornment each day and put it up for sale. One day it might be a bracelet, next day a felted flower pin. It will depend on what side of the bed I get up on that day. I will date and number each piece for 365 days until my next birthday. Now here's the kicker... the one rule I have to live by is that I can't purchase any other supplies for these projects. I MUST USE WHAT I HAVE ON HAND.

I will post a photo of the item I made each day along with the item I have decided to DESTASH on this blog so you can follow along with me. If you want anything you see... just let me know. The jewelry items will be on my Etsy site and in the bookstore. Since each item will be dated wouldn't it be great to purchase the item I make on your birthday, anniversary or other special day??? Hint, hint.

Does anyone out there know what else is special about today? The date is the name of a hit TV show... 90210.

Check out my blog tomorrow to see what I decide to make.

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