Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you haven't got a clue what this musical is about... shame on you!!! You should know every word to every song, just as my family does.

Disney released the movie NEWSIES back in 1992  starring Christian Bale (yes, of Batman fame)and Bill Pullman, with Robert Devall and Ann-Margaret in supporting roles. It's the true story of the 1899 uprising and strike of New York City NEWSIES... young men and boys selling the newspapers printed by Pulitzer and Hearst. When the newpaper companies raise their prices by ten cents for 100 papers, the already poor NEWSIES band together as one large group and fight the 'big boys'. 

The movie was not a box office hit. It cost 15 million to make, yet only pulled 3 million in returns... giving it the title of Disney's largest flop. However, it has since gained a huge cult following and has now been made in to a play. Which I was fortunate enough to attend due to a birthday gift of a ticket (Thanks Lauren!).

I can honestly say I was totally entertained!!! Some songs were edited, others were written just for the play... however I still felt my toes tapping and suppressing the urge to sing along. Some beloved characters were 'cut', while others were 'down graded' or switched to make room for a new character... which wasn't totally a bad thing, I guess. The dance numbers and talent to perform them were AWESOME! I was thrilled to see the writers and choreographers kept the jazz dancing feel and ecstatic the tap dance was left in. Whoopie!

The star of the show for me was the set design. Three metal structures were used creatively as they rotated around the the stage becoming the gates of NEWSIE Square, the basement steps of Mr. Pulitzer's house, the rooftop of buildings in New York, and so many other settings. 

The ending was anti-climatic... and I think could have had more 'punch'. The writers added a 'love interest' and although it came across well I was disappointed they chose to end with that. Maybe I am just jaded by the movie ending.

What are you waiting for??? If you can't get to the play... then run out and buy the DVD. I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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