Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastination and Pillowcases

I took a day off from the quilt today... I know, I know, that's how procrastination starts. The next thing you know I will get involved with another project and the fish quilt will get pushed aside, then things will get piled on top of it and in no time at all it will make it to the bottom of the pile and be forgotten. I promise that won't happen... REALLY!

And do you know why that won't happen???? Because one of you (THANKS Sassy) emailed me with a FANTASTIC suggestion and I can't wait to 'get to it'. I'll keep the suggestion a secret for now. In a few days I'll post a picture for you all to see. I'm so excited!!!!!

In the meantime... I took a day or two to sew pillowcases for the MILLION PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE by All People Quilt. Their tutorial on how to sew the pillow case 'burrito' style and have no raw seams is not to be missed. I have used this technique years ago and simply forgot about it. It was nice to view a refresher. Gee... speak about a STASHBUSTER... this challenge is eating away at my fabric stash. Woo! Hoo!

Keep sewing and smiling!

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