Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilt - Day 1

Seven years ago I came up with the idea for this quilt. Two years ago I bought the fabric. Yesterday the picture and fabric worked it's way to the surface of my craft mess. Let's see how long it actually takes to make it.

7am this morning - Take the fabrics outside in the natural light and 'audition' them. Make sure there is enough contrast. No decision is set in stone... this is just the beginning. I originally chose a mottled blue fabric for the water... much like the picture... but I liked the movement of the swirls in this fabric better.

7:30am - Put all the 'winners' together and walked away. Went inside and ate breakfast... well if you consider a slice of apple pie and a glass of seltzer breakfast. Went back outside and took a look at the choices. Does anything look out of place? No? Good! Enough play time... Put the fabric away and go to work!!

                                                                                    9:00pm - What a mess! Threw it all in the washer and dryer and got ready to iron. I really should have been doing my laundry... but this was way much more fun. I'll dig something out of my closet to wear. I haven't gone to work naked... yet!                    

11:00pm - Ah... doesn't that look pretty? It kind of looks like it did in the beginning... but I know it's all clean, pressed and ready to roll tomorrow. Isn't this a crazy obsession? First we buy fabric, wash it, dry it, iron it all so we can cut it up in pieces just to sew them all back together. Crazy I tell ya... but oh so fun and creative!!

BTW... My Rowenta iron is a snob. It glided smoothly over the good quality quilting fabric... but dragged over the cheap stuff. It's amazing it could tell the difference. And my ironing board? It too is a Rowenta... but the legs aren't straight and it wobbles when I iron. I tried to straighten them out, but the board kept collapsing in the middle of ironing ... so I just put up with the wobble. Very frustrating!! 

Good Night All!!! I'll let you know how far I get the next day I work on the quilt.

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