Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Take THAT Kindle!!!!!

One of my favorite blogs on the web is called Just Something I Made. Her entry on July 15th was about her favorite books as a child and how seeing them brought back such warm and soothing memories of being little. Check it out at Just Something I Made.

What would happen to the world if kids were taught to read at an early age and were given an electronic e-reader to read before bedtime instead sitting in mom or dad's lap? As yet this is not a reality... but it COULD happen. Wouldn't that be sad?

So far I have never heard anyone utter while reading an electronic reader that the story brought tears to their eyes. To date I have never seen a person lovingly stoke the cover of an e-reader fondly remembering the 'good old days'. Nor have I seen a heart felt inscription on the front page of an e-book hoping the reader enjoys the story as much as the sender had.

Don't get me wrong... I don't HATE the Kindle or e-readers in general... I just think it has it's own place in our world. Personally I think the Apple iPad is a better device as there is so much more you can do with it when NOT reading a book. I think e-readers are wonderful tools for the trade. As a bookstore owner I would love to be able to read ARCs (Advanced Reader's Copies) electronically before deciding to purchase for my stores. Publishers could provide book buyers with one... they would then go to the publisher's website, enter a secret spidey code to prove they were a legitimate buyer... and download their current reads. No more printing copies on 'spec'.

So take THAT all of you e-readers!!! You will never be fondled lovingly. No one will purchase you on eBay in a whim of nostalgia. In the future you will be sitting on a dusty table at a flea market, right next to the 8-track player and a manual typewriter.

What do YOU think of e-readers?

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